About Us

Affinity Homes started as a father and son’s dream of combining their skills and passion for home building and working together to bring homeowners the quality of home they deserve. In 2015, that dream came to life and Affinity Homes LLC was formed. 

With over 50 years of combined experience in home building, remodeling, and residential construction in the Des Moines area, this duo is more than qualified to build your next home. Their passion, dedication, and attention to detail are second to none in the industry. Their up to date knowledge on building techniques, energy efficiency practices, and trending floor plans will ensure that your home not only lasts, but it’s value lasts as well.

Why Affinity homes?

Affinity Homes is a family owned business that takes pride in each and every home we build. Our goal is to become the preferred small builder in the greater Des Moines Metro area. Our promise to our client is to provide the highest quality product we can and build it in the most efficient and timely manner we know how. Home building is our passion and we would love to share it with you! Please feel free to contact us today!